Ideas for Belmont Output

5:00 PM Posted by sara e.
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While reflecting on my research, I have started to think about my final output. I have been inspired by Tom and Sandy's story and I have decided to focus on the restoration/stewardship of Belmont Mills. To tell this story, I have sketched a preliminary storyboard of what I would like the final output (video) to look like.

  • Begin with an image of the mill before restoration: dilapidated, in a state of disrepair. Fade into a photo from the same vantage point of the mill today.
  • Display text with brief history of the mill.
  • Tell the story of the restoration using audio from owner Tom Dolan and builder Nole Holmes. Display images of mill buildings from before/after restoration.
  • Tell about the current use/ programming at the mill: artist studios and artists-in-residence, using audio from interview with owner Sandy Lloyd. Display images from violin maker and boat maker studios.
  • Comments from David Perry (former miller/owner) and Tony Cassidy (lifelong resident of Belmont) about the good job that Tom and Sandy have done restoring the mill
  • Tom and Sandy discuss their role in the history of the mill - caretakers/stewards
I have gathered nearly all of the content necessary to create this project. This evening I'll be meeting with builder Nole Holmes to discuss his role in the restoration.

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